Smell of cigarettes
Taste of stale beer
I can still remember the exact shade of green on the walls
It was hot, a summer night turning into morning
I stayed out way past curfew
Felt something trickle down my nose
I wiped it with my hand, mixture of blood and tears.
Where are my clothes,
Scattered across the floor.
Picking them up,
Careful not to wake you.
I know where the creaks are on the floor
Cautious not to step on them.
In a deep slumber,
The come down always hit you hard
But never as hard as you hit me
Still, I tip toe around as fast as I can
Its the only time I can escape
I know later ill pay for leaving
But I need to go home and wash you away
The feeling of your heavy body on top of me
I cringe at the thought of your lips touching my skin,
your hot breath in my ear fills me with agony.
With every thrust making me want to vomit.
Every time its always the same
The only difference is I learned to stop fighting
Stop saying no, stop begging and pleading.
You still find a reason to hit me
no matter how compliant I have learned to be
A prisoner to the worst kind of monster
My body no longer mine,
Just another possession you control

-get me out of this hell.

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