In the graveyard I sit,
Staring at my tombstone,
Stuck in a loop, replaying the day
You finally killed me.
Burnt spoons on the ground
Black Sabbath in the background
Your stepfather walked in
While you were asleep,
Whispered if we wanted anything to eat
You opened your eyes right at the end
As he pulled the door closed behind him
You gave me a look,
Your eyes said it all,
And I knew what was coming.
As I stood backing up towards the door,
My face still swollen from the night before,
Please don’t I said,
But your hands were already at my throat,
Your eyes, complete blackness
My feet dangling,
Ive been here before,
But this time was different,
You didn’t let go
Squeezing harder
Than ever before
Panic and fear came over me
I tried to dig my nails into your skin
To loosen your grip
A single tear ran down to my lip
And I ran my tongue over just enough to taste the wet salt
I knew you would not let go, until I was no more
The room fell silent, my body calm
I let out a small smile because I knew
Where I was going, you wouldn’t be,
Where I was going, I would be free.

-It was finally over.

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