Forbidden Fruit

I loved you from the first minute I tasted you,

From the first time you looked at me with those eyes,

From the first time you put your hand on the small of my back

Your touch has instilled a sensation I have never been able to shake

A burning, yearning deep within my core.

A feeling like I knew you before, in a life before this one.

And When our lips touched, it felt like home.

Our conversations were limited, our words were scarce

But there was nothing we needed to say that our bodies didn’t already know

We would spend hours laying in silence, while my fingers traced the tattoos on your body

You recharged me, and I gave you power.

You were my moon, and I was your sun.

But just like the moon and the sun,

A love so powerful, yet so different

We were never able to shine at the same time.

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