So Raw.

I try to be rational at the idea

That you can love me and only me

But no one has ever loved me


I try to take my pain out on you

But it was never you who hurt me

You are not him

Still I am terrified to let you in

I don’t want you to see the monsters

I have buried deep down

I don’t want you to see the pain

That I have hidden away

But I let you in anyway

And here we are face to face

And I stand in front of you

Naked and exposed

Watching you as you look at my every flaw

You touch my face with those big warm hands

Oh those hands

How safe I feel with those hands

Touching me

Caressing me

Holding me

You spread my legs and enter me

One finger at a time

You feel my body warm up

And you start to move faster

In and out


Yearning for my orgasm

Here it comes

And I think

God I love this man

With every moan I give u a piece of me

Til you have all of me

In the palm of your hand

Oh those hands

And the tears run down my face


I have never felt

So vulnerable

So raw

So in love

And in that moment, I tell myself

I am never letting you go

But you stand up

And turn away

Taking every part of me with you

Leaving me standing alone naked

So vulnerable

So raw

So stupid

MK ©

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