Nothing alike… Right?

My boyfriend can’t handle my past, he can’t stand to envision all the pain I endured.

I watch him cringe every time he tries to read my writing.

But I know the truth…

He cant stand the thought of another mans hands around my neck.

They are nothing alike, except when we are in bed, naked.

He chokes me as he enters me, and whispers in my ear “you little whore.”

And just like that he puts me in a trance, with just those three little words.

I am completely his now, physically, and mentally.

He slaps me in the face and tells me to open my mouth.

I do as I’m told.

He spits in my mouth and tells me to get on my knees.

Again, I do as I’m told.

He enters my mouth with force, and I can feel his cock hit the back of my throat.

Again, and again.

“you like that you little slut?” he asks me

“he doesn’t mean it” I think to myself as his cocks pounds my throat over and over.

He takes my head and pushes harder, deeper, faster.

“where do you want me to come” he asks, “on that pretty face of yours?”

He pulls my head back and explodes all over me.

Finished, without a word he walks over to the bathroom, leaving me there on my

knees, ALONE.

“he doesn’t mean it” I tell myself again.

He walks back over, in the same position he left me in,

And kisses me on the forehead goodnight.

Not seeing the emptiness in my eyes, he gets in bed, turns over and begins to snore.

“They are nothing alike” I tell myself, as I get up, trying to keep the tears from falling

down my face.

MK ©

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