I was never the type for small talk, superficial conversations.I lay my life out on the table, never bite my tongue.I refuse to hide myself, because you are embarrassed what they might think.I can no longer bear to hide my trauma,To extinguish my fury,To act as if I am okay.I am tired of flinching every […]

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In a room full of people but not one truly ever saw me And then you walked in. And you kissed every scar and for a moment I felt healed, Loved, Wanted. And the whole time I thought you saw me, heard me. But one day you were gone and I realized the only thing […]

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Imperfections scarred across my bodyFlaws shining like diamond rings on rich delicate fingers.The sparkles that once existed, are now dull specs in my eyes.I am unable to pretend that the scars are not deep, that the smiles are real.The sadness consumes me entirely, the emptiness now a part of meLoneliness has become my identityMy anger […]

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A memory.

People think they know me but not really,Ive buried it down so deepI didn’t think I could even find it again,The memories,The pain.Sometimes it tries to break outOf the cage I have locked it inDeep, deep in my core,I start to lose my breath, my eyes become wetI shove it back down with a hard […]

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Smell of cigarettesTaste of stale beerI can still remember the exact shade of green on the wallsIt was hot, a summer night turning into morningI stayed out way past curfewFelt something trickle down my noseI wiped it with my hand, mixture of blood and tears.Where are my clothes,Scattered across the floor.Picking them up,Careful not to […]

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I want to punish you, the way you have punished me all these years.Waking to an overwhelming feeling of emptiness, realizing it is not me keeping the bed warm next to you.I want you to know the pain of broken heart.I want the memory of me to consume your entire being.My smell, my laugh, my […]

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In the graveyard I sit,Staring at my tombstone,Stuck in a loop, replaying the dayYou finally killed me.Burnt spoons on the groundBlack Sabbath in the backgroundYour stepfather walked inWhile you were asleep,Whispered if we wanted anything to eatYou opened your eyes right at the endAs he pulled the door closed behind himYou gave me a look,Your […]

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Anchor Inn.

How can two insignificant words, hold such weight. You could probably pass it, and never even notice. My body knows when I’m near it without even looking. My heart quickens, I begin to panic. I hold my breath and squeeze my eyes shut until I’m past the block of the anchor inn. As hard as […]

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The first time he hits you, he cries. Drops to the floor hugging your legs, begging you to forgive him. The tears, the sobs, they almost seem too real, and you’re too naive to know the difference. He’s done this before, to the ones before you. He’ll do it again, after you are long gone. […]

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I crave something I am unable to describe Something I’ve never tasted but I long for the sweetness on my lips Something I never smelled but it makes me shiver with each inhale Something I never touched but leaves me numb as it brushes against my skin Something I’ve never heard but it keeps calling […]

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