Anchor Inn.

How can two insignificant words, hold such weight. You could probably pass it, and never even notice. My body knows when I’m near it without even looking. My heart quickens, I begin to panic. I hold my breath and squeeze my eyes shut until I’m past the block of the anchor inn. As hard as […]

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The first time he hits you, he cries. Drops to the floor hugging your legs, begging you to forgive him. The tears, the sobs, they almost seem too real, and you’re too naive to know the difference. He’s done this before, to the ones before you. He’ll do it again, after you are long gone. […]

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I crave something I am unable to describe Something I’ve never tasted but I long for the sweetness on my lips Something I never smelled but it makes me shiver with each inhale Something I never touched but leaves me numb as it brushes against my skin Something I’ve never heard but it keeps calling […]

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I want to punish you like you have punished me. I want you to wake up in the morning Feeling empty and sad. I want you to know the pain of a broken heart I want you to be consumed by me, my smell, my smile, my laugh. I want it to take over every […]

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I met you on my 16th birthday. A friend of a friend. You were older, a whole five years. You walked into my party, and I instantly felt the attraction. Your smile, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. An entire room of people, but I could only see you. And you, watching me from […]

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Forbidden Fruit

I loved you from the first minute I tasted you, From the first time you looked at me with those eyes, From the first time you put your hand on the small of my back Your touch has instilled a sensation I have never been able to shake A burning, yearning deep within my core. […]

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I named this blog dark and dirty because it comes from the darkest and dirtiest places in my life. The darkest and dirtiest things I had to experience, things that I do not wish on anyone. You have no idea how hard it is to write about all the feelings I worked so hard to […]

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My heart is starving, Starving for love, Starving for passion, Starving for you, Whoever you may be. My heart is starving, For a connection so deep, The ocean would be jealous, And the moon would shine brighter, Just to help me, maybe get a glimpse, Of you, Wherever you may be. And as I look up […]

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Kitchen floor.

I sit on the kitchen floor and cry But where are you when I need you You don’t understand my pain You tell me i’m crazy When all I need is shoulder to cry on Someone to hold me and tell me its ok You tell me i’m dramatic When I all I need is […]

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Nothing alike… Right?

My boyfriend can’t handle my past, he can’t stand to envision all the pain I endured. I watch him cringe every time he tries to read my writing. But I know the truth… He cant stand the thought of another mans hands around my neck. They are nothing alike, except when we are in bed, […]

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